We are a team of professional translators and interpreters with extensive international experience.

Customer satisfaction and high-quality work are the cornerstones of our work.

As an essential part of our mission, we think ahead to provide customized solutions. Therefore, as soon as the pandemic started, we were able to readily work with RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting), adding to traditional simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services.

We also work together with colleagues and organizations in the field to provide a wider range of language combinations within shorter deadlines.

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We help bridge language barriers in today’s globalized world by providing translation, interpreting, copyediting, and proofreading services.



Interpreting is a key tool when holding international business meetings, conferences, training courses, and even in procedures with justice or government agencies. Interpreting may be simultaneous or consecutive, and currently, due to the pandemic, this service is mostly provided through RSI.



Our diverse areas of expertise range from certified translation to the translation of web sites, literary works, textbooks, medical papers, civil engineering projects, documents on software and telecommunications, and subtitles. Certified translations are required for proceedings with government agencies, international negotiations, investment projects, and bidding processes, among others, and are signed by our certified translators.


Copyediting and proofreading

Correct, concise, and clear documents strengthen a corporate image. We provide revising, editing and proofreading services of translated or original texts, which may also include formatting.



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Our team

Beatriz Carretta

Beatriz Carretta

BA in Translation and PhD in Linguistics

I had the opportunity of living in various countries from a young age, which instilled me with a passion for languages. Becoming a professional translator was a natural consequence. I started out studying English and German as a child, and then, out of curiosity or professional need, I expanded my studies to include a dozen languages. This led me to the academic study of anthropological linguistics, and for a good while I devoted myself to the research of Indigenous Brazilian languages.

Cristina Pilón

Cristina Pilon

Teacher, Lecturer, Certified Translator, and Interpreter

I grew up surrounded by Romance and Germanic languages, which led me to discover during my childhood, that thinking in different languages could change my understanding of the world. Passionate about communication, I focused on further studying foreign languages that later I taught from kindergarten to university students, and I eventually became a professional translator and interpreter. I am excited to work with this great team to help bridge communication barriers.

Gabriela Santos

Gabriela Santos

Certified Translator

I have always been interested in languages, and never doubted my career choice. With more than 15 years of experience as a professional translator, my main areas of expertise include legal, financial, and medical. Besides, I am passionate about copyediting, and have acquired proficiency in the area. Teamworking with colleagues adds incredible value to our projects.

Gabriela Santos

Marise Carvalho

Lecturer, Translator, and Interpreter

I am Brazilian and have lived in Uruguay since 1996. I have more than 20 years of experience as a professional translator and interpreter. Curious and restless, I have also been a lecturer, managed websites related to education, and learned to work with subtitling, among other things. I am passionate about research, lifelong learning, and contact with diverse peoples and cultures. I believe these are key elements for my personal and professional enrichment.

Pauline Stanham

Pauline Stanham

Translator and Interpreter

Ever since I can recall I’ve had a marked interest in languages and interpreting. I grew up in an English-speaking environment and later had the privilege of studying in Germany where I graduated as a translator and interpreter. I thoroughly enjoy my profession which I have practised for more than 20 years, always striving to provide quality and fluent communication with deep respect for the different cultures.

Silvia Piñeyro

Silvia Piñeyro

Teacher and Certified Translator

I spent my whole childhood and adolescence between Uruguay and Brazil, in a time when it was not common for children in Brazil to speak Spanish nor for children in Uruguay to speak Portuguese. As a child, I had the feeling that being fluent in both languages gave me a secret power to understand a world to which none had access. My love for foreign languages led me to the discovery of other worlds, other contexts, to build bridges between different cultures, and to add more languages. Translation is the career I chose for my life, an invisible work that makes us feel fulfilled when we enable more people to have access to knowledge in all fields, regardless of the original language.

Trinidad Ott

Trinidad Ott

From Teacher and Medical Doctor to Translator and Interpreter

After several years working initially as an English teacher and then as a pediatrician, I discovered the beauty of translation and simultaneous interpretation, to which I am fully devoted today. Having started with medicine, I gradually incorporated an extensive range of topics, including science, technology, and humanities. I love to delve into specific topics so that by the time I walk into the interpretation booth I can deliver the speaker’s message so naturally and accurately that listeners may forget that what they hear is a translation and feel that the essence is not lost.


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